The Smartphone Magnetic Wireless Portable Battery & Charger is 18% Off


iLounge has a special deal on the Magnetic Wireless Portable Battery & Charger for Smartphones, which allows you to extend your phone’s battery life for more play, watch and calls.

XVIDA Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

The magnetic portable battery offers a cable-free and convenient way to juice up on the go. It doesn’t add to the bulk-like traditional power bank cases do, and it’s Apple-certified to work with MagSafe technology.

The 5,000mAh battery should provide extended use and via fast-charging technology. Just attach it to the back of your smartphone and the wireless portable battery pack does the rest. For wired charging, just bring a USB-C cable with you and it can juice up your tablet or other compatible devices.

The Magnetic Wireless Portable Battery & Charger for Smartphones normally cost $49 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $39.99. You get 18% off with our deal. Buy it today!


Samantha Wiley

Samantha is a senior news editor at iLounge. She has been covering the technology industry for over five years, writing about Apple, Google, and other major companies. Samantha has also worked as a reporter and editor for several other publications.