Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone is 59% Off


iLounge has a special deal on the Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone, which allows you to unlock your smartphone’s convenient wireless charging capability.

Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone

MagSafe charging is a groundbreaking technology designed to make charging easier. Instead of having to fumble with wires or get a perfect Qi alignment, all you need is to stick your MagSafe-supported iPhone to the wireless charger and watch as your device’s battery percentage goes up. It’s wireless too, so there’s no need to use two hands to mount and dismount the phone.

Even better is the fact that the Speedy Mag Charger has fast charge technology that can go from zero to 100% in just 30 minutes. Built-in safeguards protect your device from overcharging.

The Speedy Mag Wireless Charger for iPhone costs typically $119.95, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $48.99. You save an amazing 59% off with our deal. Buy it today!

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