Get 55% off on the TextSoap Mac App

Do you feel irritated when you make unwanted text mistakes while typing? Every time you type and finish a text document, there will always be some mistakes that your text editor will not automatically correct.

There are many unwanted characters, improper capitalizations, extra spaces, and many other errors in your document, which your text editor will not remove. 

TextSoap Mac App

TextSoap Mac App

What if you had a tool that could remove these errors and make your document error-free! What if you have an App that has 100 built-in custom solutions for removing these errors? 

You do not need to go any further. With this deal, you can now buy TextSoap Mac App with a huge 55% discount. With this deal, you can buy the TextSoap Mac App for $19.99 instead of $44.99. 


This App has an easy to use interface. It has more than 100 cleaner solutions. It has a simplified workflow for cleaning clipboard contents. It also has AppleScript support for automation workflows. It also provides word count for your text. This App has drag-and-drop custom cleaner actions for custom text processing solutions.

So, if you wish that your text was error-free. If you wish that there was a tool to automatically correct all your minor mistakes, then you should buy TextSoap Mac App and with this deal, you will only pay $19.99 instead of $44.99.