Become a Millionaire with The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle


We at iLounge have a special deal on The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, which allows you to participate in a popular puzzle game with a chance to win massive cash.

2 Million Dollar Puzzle

Solving puzzles has never been this exciting, courtesy of MSCHF. With The Two Million Dollar Puzzle, you’re tasked with completing a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and scan it in order to win any amount from $1 to a cool $1 million. Two puzzles are set to give $1m each, hence the title.

Putting the jigsaw puzzle may take some time but you’re practically guaranteed to win a monetary prize. Once the puzzle is set, just scan it in its entirety using your phone or tablet and the results will show.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle normally costs $30 for a 1-pack, $60 for the 2-pack and $120 for the 4-pack, while we at iLounge are giving the 2-pack and 4-pack away for just $56 and $100, respectively. Get a chance to win a million dollars today!

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