The All-Star Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro is 94% off

iLounge has a special deal on The All-Star Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro, which allows you to get the top rated apps for productivity, security and content creation.

The ‘All Stars’ in this bundle is rightfully named- after all, it does contain a plethora of apps you’d certainly find useful in day to day matters. Parallels Pro is a Mac and Windows tool that gives you the best of both worlds, which means you’re now able to install any app or program without having to switch computers.

The All-Star Mac Bundle Ft. Parallels Pro

FastestVPN gives you privacy across all your devices so you can shop, watch and browse the web free from spying eyes. If you need a contact manager, BusyContacts is the answer. It’s a robust tool that integrates well with existing contact apps on iOS and macOS. Moho Debut is great for 2D animation and lets you create virtually anything you can think of. Lastly, if you constantly work with PDFs then you must get the PDFChef. It’s one of the best PDF document managers around!

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