“The Eye” night vision & WiFi streaming security camera is now 13% Off

The security of your home is of utmost importance. Installing security and surveillance cameras is important, especially during the night. If you wish to have the best and the most reliable security camera for your home, you should buy The Eye: Night Vision & Wi-Fi Streaming Security Camera. With this deal, you also get a 13% discount. You can now buy it for $99 instead of $115. 

It is a small-sized security camera yet it gives a high definition streaming. Now you can rig a room or install it anywhere without anyone noticing. It has a design that easily camouflages and fits the environment. The size of the camera is 1.6 inches. This camera records both audio and video. The video recording is available in high-definition i.e., 1080P resolution. 

The Eye: Night Vision & WiFi Streaming Security Camera
The Eye

It also has night-vision capabilities. So now you do not need to worry about night time surveillance. With its motion detection capabilities, it offers extra safety. You can use the HDMiniCam App and stream the video live on your smartphones.

You can save the footage that this camera saves on the memory card on your computer. It has a 150-degree wide view angle. This camera has a loop recording feature. With this feature, the camera will overwrite the old footage with the new one once the memory card is full. 

Make sure that you buy it here. With this deal, you will get $16 off on Eye: Night Vision & Wi-Fi Streaming Security Camera.