Having a backup of the precious data on your phone is essential. However, it is not easy to backup the data. You have to connect your phone to the PC or laptop and then use some sophisticated software to backup your data to the PC. It takes too much time to do that. 

TOKK Photo Cube

TOKK™ Photo Cube

The Tokk Photo Cube solves this issue. Now you can use the TOKK™ Photo Cube, which will automatically backup your data by to your charger. It is an easy plug and plays solution for your backup. The best part is that now you have the chance to back up your data by purchasing Tokk Photo Cube at a considerable discount. You can now save $30. 

TOKK™ Photo Cube with iPhone

This device has several data backup options. It will copy all your data, including Calendar, Contact, Photos & Videos, and more. It has a capacity of 64 GB. It will also send you a notification if the memory card gets full. The Photo Cube is your perfect portable data backup partner. 

It features a Multi-standard iOS/Android backup solution. It is also compatible with all iOS & Android devices. It also has a USB interface for natural & universal use. Not many devices offer such features for data backup. What makes this device even better is the transfer speed. You will get up to 70mbps speed. 

If you are looking for an easy to use phone data backup device, then buy this fantastic TOKK™ Photo Cube for only $69.99 as compared to its original price $99.99. With this deal, you will save $30. 


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