Ever thought iTunes was too clunky and too restrictive when it comes to transferring data between your iPhone, iPad and Mac?

Transfer iPhone Videos, Photos, Music with MacX MediaTrans - Giveaway

MacX MediaTrans is the perfect alternative to iTunes. It’s an essential tool for those who regularly back up their iPhone, those who’ve just upgraded to a new iPhone and wish to transfer data from old device to new, and for those who want to add their non-iTunes song collection to their iPhone.

MacX MediaTrans also fixes a common error in iTunes, where users experience freezing when transferring files between Apple devices.

If you’re looking for a good iTunes alternative, then here’s the solution.

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Why Get MacX MediaTrans?

MacX MediaTrans is our recommended software for data transfers between iPad, iPhone and Mac.

MacX MediaTrans on macOS

It has nifty features that are not included in the original iTunes. The quality of life changes you get from MacX MediaTrans will make you wish iTunes had them. It simply isn’t complete when you try iTunes for backup transfers, data transfers, file sync on iPhone and more.

Complete Audio Transfer Solution

iTunes is a restrictive transfer tool any way you look at it, and rightly so. Apple has placed significant security protocols in order to prevent non-iTunes content from getting to and from your iPhone.

MacX MediaTrans is an open app that offers a complete audio transfer solution. You’ll be able to easily and securely transfer songs from iPhone to Mac and vice versa and create music playlists without having to disconnect first.

You can also choose to auto-convert all your music files to AAC or mp3 to play on your other devices. Creatives who want a unique iPhone ringtone can use MediaTrans and create one on the fly.

Powerful Video Transfer Tool

MacX MediaTrans also works in terms of video content. All the videos stored in your iPhone or iPad can be transferred directly to your computer, and vice versa. When you have a funny video from your Mac you want to share with friends, you can easily go ahead and transfer it to your mobile with zero issues.

The software also allows you to compress the video or convert it to a playable format before transferring to any iDevice. Want to transfer lots of videos and lower the size? No problem. For those who wish for their videos to be automatically playable on the iPhone, no problem- MacX MediaTrans auto converts it for you.

Industry-Leading Backup Speed

MacX MediaTrans boasts the fastest backup speed for iPhone to Mac and Mac to iPhone. No other transfer software, or even iTunes can compare to how seamless data transfer from two iDevices is with MediaTrans.

What we like about the iPhone backup tool is that it doesn’t stop or stutter and prompt user actions like iTunes. You can start the process and leave your computer, and when you get back the transfer will have been completed. MediaTrans even converts HEIC photos so you can view or edit it right away.

MacX MediaTrans software

Transfer Everything

MediaTrans is a robust transfer software that supports virtually all file types. Not only can it transfer songs, videos and photos between an iPhone and Mac, but it can also recognize and transfer ebooks, audiobooks, apps, Word files, txt and PDF, among others.

Along the way MediaTrans will offer to convert EPUB to PDF, txt from iPhone to Windows and more. You can be as specific as you want and transfer and convert files from iPhone to Mac or save from computer to iPhone.

Best of all, MacX MediaTrans allows for unlimited transfer and sync of iPhone files without experiencing iTunes errors. There’s no frustration or stress involved- just plug your iPhone in, open MediaTrans and transfer away! The tool is easy to operate and won’t freeze mid-transfer.

Download the MacX MediaTrans Free Trial Today

Try the MacX MediaTrans/iPhone Transfer for free by going to the official website. Experience a seamless and intuitive file transfer process between iPhone and Mac or Mac to iPhone and Apple devices without any restrictions.

If you’re happy with MacX MediaTrans giveaway, unlock the full version and get it for as low as $25.95.


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