Get the UV Brite Self-Cleaning Bottle for $29

iLounge has a special deal on the UV Brite Self Cleaning Bottle, which allows you to enjoy clean and pure water at the right temperature.

How does a self-cleaning bottle sound? It’s the future of drinking bottles today! The UV Brite Self-Cleaning Bottle sports a UV-C emitting lid to destroy microorganisms up to 99% every time you activate it.

UV Brite Self-Cleaning Bottle

You get two sterilizing modes- normal and blitz depending on how pure you want your water to be. The bottle is BPA free and is made from food-grade plastic, silicone, and aluminum.

It’s also insulated to keep optimal temperature for a long time. A single full charge can produce up to 50 purification cycles, perfect for that long weekend or camping trip outdoors. There’s also a safety lock to prevent the contents from spilling and accidental exposure.

The UV Brite Self-Cleaning Bottle costs $29.99, which presents superb value for those who want their drinking water to be as pure and microbe-free as possible. Buy it today!