UVCcleans Mask Box – Mask Sterilizer is 17% off

iLounge has a special deal on the UVCcleans Mask Box – Mask Sterilizer, which allows you to recycle your mask and use it as a general UVC light cleaner via the portable UVC wand.

The UVCcleans Mask Box is an innovative device that’s sure to find its way to your bag or pocket. It’s just the size of a regular powerbank and yet can clean so much. The 185nm UVC light destroys viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens via deactivation and disinfects your mask, allowing you to re-use it in just one minute.

What’s more, the box can be turned into a UVC wand so you can conveniently disinfect your smartphone, utensils, and more. There’s also a magnetic attachment so you can put it on the roof of your car and sterilize anytime.

The UVCcleans Mask Box – Mask Sterilizer normally costs $39, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $32.99. You get 17% off with our deal. Get it today!

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