iLounge has a special deal on the VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Maker with Lifetime Subscription, which allows you to create an animated video presentation you want in an intuitive platform.

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Maker

Create more interesting and engaging videos by utilizing 2D character animations. With VidToon 2.0, you can easily make the video you want in minutes, using high definition backgrounds, pre-animated avatars and cartoon settings, among others.

After you put in the characters, you can pan or zoom, or put in text to speech options. It’s best for explainer videos, school presentations and when you want something that’s better consumed than simple text alone.

Every video you make with VidToon 2.0 is within your rights, so you can sell outputs and promotional videos and make money on the side. VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Maker: Lifetime Subscription normally costs $4,020 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $49. Get it today!


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