Why Choose MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Convert DVD to MP4 (500 Giveaway Licenses per Day)

Thinking of digitizing your DVD collection and want to do it in the quickest way possible?

You’ll want to make sure that the file quality will be similar, if not superior to the original copy. Also, nothing should be left out in terms of audio, subtitles, timing and whatnot.

Why Choose MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Convert DVD to MP4 (500 Giveaway Licenses per Day)

MacX DVD Ripper Pro does all that, and more. It’s one of the best DVD ripping software in the market today!

Why MacX DVD Ripper Pro is The Best Software

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is superior when it comes to the speed and quality.

Quality- Audio & Video Quality Are As Good As The Original

MacX utilizes its High Quality Engine and de-interlacing technology to generate a complete file with audio and video quality all intact. This applies to both ripping and DVD copying processes, thanks to the innovative and customized software engine.

When it comes to backing up DVDs, MacX does the job quite well. It takes all the DVD’s contents, including subs, audio and video tracks and syncs without re-encoding, which ensures you get untouched and unedited content.

Users can expect 98% DVD quality, with the difference being barely noticeable even with a trained eye.

Speed- Enjoy 32x Faster Conversion Speed

MacX DVD Ripper Pro supports full hardware acceleration to increase the processing speed

Why Choose MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Convert DVD to MP4 (500 Giveaway Licenses per Day)

without sacrificing form or quality. On a capable machine, it can rip a DVD 32x faster than the leading brands at a rate of 500 frames per second. This means you can rip a 2-hour video DVD in just 5 minutes!

The software’s unique level 3 hardware acceleration technology maximizes your computer’s graphics card, whether it be AMD, NVIDIA or Intel. In backup mode, you can finish a 2-hour DVD in under 5 minutes using a MacBook Pro. For conversions, a whole DVD only takes approximately 10 minutes at a staggering 320 FPS.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Supports Any DVD

With DVD ripper for Mac, you won’t have to worry about not being able to back up your copy-protected DVDs. Any disc, including TV series, movies and homemade videos can be copied and turned into digital content.

It works on DVDs that have pesky DRM protection, e.g., workout DVDs, those with ’99 titles’ and Japanese DVDs. You can even use MacX Ripper Pro on Universal Disk Format copies and unplayable ones.

Converts into Mobile-Friendly Formats

Why Choose MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Convert DVD to MP4 (500 Giveaway Licenses per Day)

How wonderful would it be if you could bring your DVD collection with you and store it on a hard drive or a microSD card?

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can turn your DVD into videos that are mobile-friendly. You can convert to MP4, MOV, MP3, FLV, AVI, MPEG, H.264 and even the new H.265 format. Then, watch your favorite movies or show seamlessly on your mobile phone, tablet, PSP, iPad, projector and DVD player.

How To Rip DVDs using MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Why Choose MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Convert DVD to MP4 (500 Giveaway Licenses per Day)

MacX makes it easy for anyone to rip DVDs, even those that are just starting out.

Step 1. Load your DVD disk

The ripper software recognizes all kinds of DVD formats, including your workout, Disney kids, homemade and TV drama disks, even the ones that have DVD folders and ISO images. If it’s on a DVD, then MacX should be able to rip audio and video out of it.

Step 2. Choose Your Output

You get up to four backup options, including DVD folder, DVD to MP4, full title copy and main title content copy. The software makes it easy to transfer your collection to a hard drive, computer, Android, iPhone and iPad. You can set the output in popular formats such as ISO, MOV, MPEG, HEVC, AVI and H.264.

Want additional control on how your digital video will look? No problem. You can add subtitles, crop frame size, eliminate black bars, merge movies into one file and more. There’s a wealth of decoder and encoder options for the advanced user.

Step 3. Run the Program

When you’re satisfied with the settings, click on ‘Run’ and MacX DVD Ripper Pro will begin.

Just about 5 minutes later, you’ll have a high-quality video that looks and sounds just like the original. All ripped content can be optimized on various screen sizes, e.g., 1080p on a mobile phone, gaming console, etc.

DVD Backup Benefits

Manage Your DVD Collection. All your precious movies, collector’s edition DVDs and special copies can be backed up to a hard drive and played on any compatible device for maximum convenience.

Save Room. You won’t have to keep the original DVD after using MacX Ripper Pro.

Digitize All Your DVDs. You won’t have to worry about your DVDs getting scratched or becoming unreadable in the future.


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