iLounge has a special deal on the XSplit VCam Premium Lifetime Subscription (Mac & Windows), which allows you to customize your background during video calls, online meetings and live streams.

XSplit VCam Premium Lifetime Subscription

XSplit VCam is a wonderful technological breakthrough which eliminates the need to do some interior designing or cleaning. On video calls and streams you now have the ability to blur or change your background to the one you want, whether it be another video, webpage or image. Doing this only requires a few clicks, and you can even set the blur amount and change to portrait or DSLR mode.

The app works on virtually every software, including Webex, Open Broadcaster Software and others. You can even use your smartphone as a webcam via the XSplit app.

The XSplit VCam Premium Lifetime Subscription normally costs $60, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $29. You get an amazing 51% off with our deal.


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