ZeroDark high powered portable vacuum cleaner is 48% off

iLounge has a special deal on the ZeroDark High Powered Portable Vacuum Cleaner, which allows you to clean up all kinds of mess in a handy and powerful device.

ZeroDark Portable Vacuum Cleaner is the one you want beside you when things get messy. Featuring a robust 80W motor and 3 different attachments, things such as crumbs, dirt, dust, pet hair and even wet messes won’t stand a chance! Just fit the appropriate attachment in, turn on the power, point and voila! No more issues.

Portable Vacuum Cleaner
ZeroDark High Powered Portable Vacuum Cleaner in closeup view

The portable vacuum has a 9 ft. power cord that can be plugged into your car’s lighter socket. Furthermore, a LED light illuminates objects in front so you won’t have to squint or need a flashlight in dark areas.

The ZeroDark High Powered Portable Vacuum Cleaner normally costs $59 while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $30.95. You get 48% off with our deal!