Damus app receives App Store removal warning

Apple is threatening the removal of the Damus app over in-app cryptocurrency transfers.

Damus is an app powered by the Nostr decentralized social network. With this feature, the app can send ‘micro-donations’ in the form of Bitcoin to users. The transaction goes through the Lightning Network and allows users to send micro increments of Bitcoin without paying fees and in an instantaneous manner. The process goes by the term ‘zaps’ in the platform.

App Store

The Street reported that Apple ordered Damus to remove the feature, and threatened that the app might be removed from the App Store if the requirements have not been met within 14 days. Jack Dorsey, the backer of the app sent a response, saying that the company was ‘incorrect’ in its definition of zaps and said that sending fractional Bitcoin was for feedback and tipping.

Elon Musk, Twitter CEO joined the conversation, saying that Apple’s 30% App Store tax is a ‘major concern’