Want a smartphone accessory that can give you perfect panoramic selfie pictures every time? The robotic selfie stick from Go Gadgets is the answer!

Selfie Stick by Go Gadgets

It comes with a motorized mechanism that rotates 360 degrees, so all you need to do is slot your mobile phone in, set the photos to panoramic and allow the selfie stick to work its magic. Want to take a group selfie? No problem- the Go Gadgets device can extend up to 3 feet in length for those effortless and clear shots.

Selfie Stick by Go Gadgets

The selfie stick can fit in any-sized phone and small cameras. It comes in color options such as Black, Pink, White, and Yellow.

The Go Gadgets 360° Panoramic Robotic Selfie Stick is usually priced at $79.95, while we at iLounge are giving it away for just $24.99. You get 68% off with our exclusive deal.


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