Defender ATP arriving on Android and iOS

Microsoft has announced today that it will be bringing Defender ATP, a security platform to Android and iOS. The security app is a staple for macOS and Windows, with features such as automated investigation & response, post-breach detection and preventive protocols.

It’s still yet to determined whether those existing features will be carried over or new ones will be implemented, as iOS is considered a closed operating system. Current third party antivirus apps are limited to blocking phone calls and websites, phishing and identity theft concerns and VPN.

Defender ATP Arriving on Android and iOS

Though there are no details as of now, Microsoft plans to reveal more information about the move on porting Defender ATP for Android and iOS over the RSA Conference, which will be held in San Francisco next week. A preview should be available for interested businesses by then.

In the same vein, the tech company has also announced that it will be bringing the enterprise security platform on Linux.