Degree Not Needed To Code, Says Apple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple believes that to become proficient at coding, you won’t need a 4-year degree. This sentiment was revealed as the CEO met with Liam Rosenfeld, a 16-year old WWDC scholar in Orlando, FL. Cook then mentioned in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel how Rosenfeld was “pretty impressive” that he learned to code at a young age.

Furthermore, the Apple bigwig stated that acquiring a degree doesn’t necessarily make one proficient and that the education system should teach their students and make coding part of the curriculum.

In an interview with TechCrunch, Cook said that a lot of businesses are still using traditional technology and haven’t adapted to newer solutions.

With the help of Apple and future employees such as Rosenfeld, the CEO believes that a shift may happen, one that has companies adapting to beneficial changes such as machine learning, augmented reality and other innovations.

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