Delayed Apple savings withdrawals get $100 credit

Some Apple Savings customers are getting a $100 credit after waiting for their money to be withdrawn on the financial platform.

In June, withdrawal issues plagued Apple Savings after customers tried to get their money and had to wait an inordinate amount of time for the transaction to be processed. There were several Apple Savings customers who had to wait weeks before they could see the transferred money. To resolve the inconvenience, Apple has sent an email and $100 as ‘goodwill credit’ which appears on their accounts.


Apple further explained that the wait times were ‘not up to standard’, but they didn’t mention the reason why. Goldman Sachs explained that an anti-money laundering protocol was triggered when sums of $1,000 and above were withdrawn. Those who withdrew less than the amount were able to receive them in a short span of time. The number of those who received the credit and email remain undisclosed.