Apple could delay the launch of iPhone 12


The COVID-19 outbreak has affected manufacturing plants across the globe. Apple, one of the world’s most valuable companies, is also suffering because of the virus. The company manufactures and assembles most of its products in China with the help of Foxconn.

Apple could delay the launch of iPhone 12

Foxconn has said that it has hired sufficient numbers of workers to keep up with the seasonal demands. Following reports have suggested that Apple could still be on track to launch the iPhone 12 during its usual September time.

Weakened demand

However, according to Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is considering launching the iPhone 12 a little late this year. Apple is reportedly taking into consideration the weakened demand for electronics at the moment and how its new product will be received by customers during a viral year.

The iPhone 12 is supposed to be Apple’s first smartphone to support 5G as network providers begin to roll out new bands. Apple usually likes to show-off its best and its most important products at the correct time to have as many eyes as possible on it.

Some noted analysts have reported that Apple could be eyeing a October or November 2020 release for the iPhone 12. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has several tweets suggesting a delayed unveiling or release of the next flagship iPhone. Gurman has a pretty decent track record with rumours and reports related to Apple.

Several other points also such as travel restrictions also point to a delayed release of the iPhone 12. Apple employees are known to travel to China to get the prototypes of the iPhone (and other Apple products) ready and also look after the process to get everything done correctly.

With travel restrictions affecting communications badly and video conferences usually do not always work out in the best ways possible, we could very well be looking at a delayed release of the iPhone 12.

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