Details on Apple North Carolina Research Triangle Park surface

Documents surrounding the upcoming construction of Apple’s Research Triangle Park in North Carolina have recently surfaced online.

Apple’s future building in Raleigh will be a campus that spans 281 acres and includes a central utility plant, a parking deck, and commercial offices, among others. The first phase is the building of six structures with the possibility of more as the company progresses. The entire cost is estimated to be around $552 million, and Apple has requested 190,000 square feet, 3,000 square feet, and 700,000 square feet for support structures, parking space, and office space, respectively.


Apple will be hiring 2,700 people at the least for the campus and is expected to go up to 3,000. The documents were shared with Observer and The News and show a range of environmental reports surrounding fire flow, erosion control, downstream impact, commercial site, and stormwater details and are awaiting approval by the Wake County planning staff.