Developers claim scam iOS Apps still Plague App Store

Kosta Eleftherious, an iOS developer has recently taken to social media to complain about scam apps on the App Store.

In Kosta’s post, scammers have ripped off his popular Apple Watch keyboard app, FlickType and used shady practices to get ahead of the original creator.

App Store

Kosta mentioned how they create an app that appears to be working, then advertise it on social media channels Instagram and Facebook using Kosta’s promotional video and his name.

The scam app doesn’t work and there will be a blank interface with a single button to ‘Unlock Now’. The user will then be charged $8 a week for it.

Scam apps typically go up the App Store ranks by gaming the digital platform’s algorithm and filling it with five star reviews until it reaches the top.

In response to the Twitter post, Apple has removed the fake app from the App Store. Kosta and other developers hope that this will make Apple tighten its app moderation.