Developers receive invitations to macOS, iPadOS, and iOS creation events

Apple has sent out emails to developers today, inviting them to several app-creation workshops for the macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

‘Building Great Widget Experiences’ is a widget-centric program that offers opportunities to learn about widgets and how they can be used in various ways. This is set to take place February 1 this year.


On February 15, ‘Bring Your iPad App to Mac’ takes place, and soon afterward ‘Building Great App Clip Experiences’ for bringing App Clips front and center. App Clips is a relatively new feature introduced in iOS 14.

Developers who wish to participate should be able to speak with Apple employees regarding concerns related to the topic, similar to the online event held for WWDC last year.

Apple time and again sets up these programs to enlighten developers on new iOS, iPadOS and macOS technology and what’s available to them. These special sessions are developers-only, with the last being one that’s focused on accessibility.