Developers say App Store small business program already in effect

Just a few days ago developers were being notified that they qualify for the App Store Business Program, which lowers the commission cost in the App Store by 15%.

Today, some developers are going online and reporting that they already see lower commission rates on their respective apps.

App Store

The App Store Small Business Program was revealed in November as part of Apple’s way to reduce developer commission fees from 30 percent to 15 percent. Developers who earn less than $1M annually, as well as newcomers may be eligible for the program.

Marvis app developer Aditya Rajveer has tweeted how his $5.99 app was paying out at $5.09 David Hodge had a similar reply for his Nikola app, which was paying out at $8.50 instead of $7, which means Apple has begun rolling out what it had promised a few days ago.

Developers are advised to visit the Apple Developer website regarding the App Store Small Business Program and how they can qualify.