Developers surveyed if open to attend Apple WWDC In-Person


Counting two years now that Apple conferences were digitally held, the firm has conducted a survey to members regarding attendance in person in the future. 

Apple WWDC

The WWDC has reached millions of users and developers world over with free access to online sessions. While this format has garnered the favor of many in the community for openness and inclusivity, Apple seems to be contemplating on holding an in-person event that will be the first since the global pandemic. 

Part of the annual WWDC survey for the current year included a question on the likelihood of the developer attending an in-person conference, come next year, after being able to experience the previous online events. 

This may not be a complete indication whether the digital format will be permanent or physically attending a conference may be still worth it, but Apple sending this survey question out sees to it they receive valuable insight from members. 

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