Developers To Get Full Access to Apple Pencil Improvements For Their Apps

Apple has managed to cut down on latency between the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro from 20 milliseconds to just 9 milliseconds as they worked on the new iPadOS.

This Apple Pencil latency improvement will be shared among 3rd party developers as they create their art apps for the iPadOS.

Craig Federighi, chief of software development has mentioned that the UIKit and its touch prediction advancements will be given to 3rd party developers so they can achieve the same latency speed within the PencilKit platform.

Furthermore, Federighi has suggested that devs use Metal Performance Optimization, Adopting Predicted Touches and PencilKit for low-latency drawing, but there will be a 4 millisecond gap as the company finds a workaround to safely deliver the capability.

Latency improvements with Apple Pencil will be made for the iPadOS for the Apple iPad environment. Currently, only the iPad Pro has Apple Pencil 2 support, while the iPad Air, iPad Mini and the 6th-gen iPad only supports Apple Pencil.

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