Director Kim Jee-Woon expounds on production of ‘Dr. Brain’

Apple TV+ original Korean series ‘Dr. Brain’ director Kim Je-Woon recently went on an interview to talk about his journey to making the show.

‘Dr. Brain’ is a Korean webtoon-based TV series for Apple TV+, and tells the story of a neuroscientist who goes to great lengths to find the cause of his family’s tragedy. Lee Se-Won, played by Lee Sun-Kyun of ‘Parasite’ fame activates his ‘brain sync’ research to gather clues that might have led to the event.

In the interview, Kim mentioned how he was coming up with the story around 3 years ago while he was working on another project. Shooting for ‘Dr. Brain’ began February this year, with the show appearing on Apple TV+ and new episodes coming in weekly.

Kim shares how he felt a different kind of pressure since it was his first time creating episodic content. He said he wanted to make each episode a complete story and compel the audience to look forward to the next episode.

‘Dr Brain’ is available to watch on Apple TV+ for $4.99 a month.

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