Disabling activation lock can now be done at Apple website


Apple has recently added a self service portal that can disable Activation Lock on an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. The new ‘Turn Off Activation Lock‘ page can be found on the official Apple website.

Activation Lock

The page has the words ‘Turn off Activation Lock’ in bold font and directs the viewer on several ways they can disable the feature. First is when the user knows his or her Apple ID and password, and the next is when the user forgets his or her Apple ID password.

The Activation Lock support is available to units in the US and will not require contacting Apple for help. Customers will be required to enter the device’s serial number and their email address, plus a form that proves ownership, e.g., purchase location and date, original sales receipt.

After a review the company may disable the Activation Lock, which promptly deletes all data in the device. Users are expected to back up their data in advance.

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