Disney Has Announced Its New Streaming Service “Disney+” with Marvel and Star Wars Spin-Offs

Naveed Ahmed
By Naveed Ahmed - News Editor
disney plus

Disney has announced its new streaming service as a competitor to Netflix, the name of this new service is “Disney Plus” or “Disney+”. It plans on pulling out the new film releases as an exclusive on their platform, and we’ve seen that the process has begun already.

One more thing you people should know that Disney is about to move all its previous Disney films to this new platform. The upcoming star wars and marvel movies spin-offs will be on the platform as a new release of this platform.

disney plus

On Thursday, the entertainment behemoth announced some new TV spin-offs that will stream The Simpsons, Marvel and Star Wars. These spin-offs will be broadcasted on the new streaming service by Disney.

Disney+ Release date and subscription plans cost

This streaming service will be available in the US in November. The standard plan will cost 6.99$ a month. However, we still don’t know about other subscription plans of Disney+.

disney plus prices

We are seriously afraid that Netflix is gonna lose half of its viewers. What do you think? Do you think Disney Plus will lead the rest of the streaming platforms?

By Naveed Ahmed News Editor
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