Watching Disney movies in 4K is now possible in iTunes. In select countries, the option is popping up on Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel titles in Canada and US.


4K content in iTunes began in 2017 with Disney being the notable exception. Recently, it’s begun popping up on multiple devices such as the Apple TV, iPhone and even Roku.

You can check to see if 4K is available in your country by opening the iTunes Store and seeing if there’s a 4K label on the Disney movies mentioned. If the tag isn’t there and you see ‘HD’ instead, then it means 4K is not available for the moment.

4K is not yet available in Australia and the United Kingdom. Aside from iTunes, you can also watch Disney films in 4K through Vudu and Disney+. Some users report Disney 4K HDR appears as a dedicated section in iTunes and shows which movies are available in 4K definition.


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