Donald Trump Labels “Tim Apple” gaffe as “Fake News”

Donald Trump Tim Apple

Donald Trump is prone to humiliating and clumsily blunders, and a fresh one involving Apple CEO Tim Cook has gone viral. President Trump appears committed to denying fact-finding facts.

Speaking to the technology company boss at a round table meeting of business executives event, Trump praised the U.S. investment by Apple.

“I mean you’ve really put a big investment in our country. We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple.”

Trump tweeted on Monday morning that when he called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple” at last week’s White House roundtable, he was actually saying “Tim / Apple” as a way to “save words,” which is something that Trump is known to do.

Evidently, even Tim Cook took the flub jokingly by changing his name on Twitter to “Tim ” One donor told Axios that the decision of Trump to lie about this particular error was so weird because “It doesn’t matter!”

But Trump seems to be trying to have the last word instead of letting the matter rest.

He came up with a different explanation at a private meeting of Republican donors in Florida on Friday, Axios news site reported.

The report stated he had told confused Republicans he’d actually said “Tim Cook Apple,” but “Cook” was said very quietly, then ignored by the media.

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  1. Trump has every right to freedom of speech problem are those fake,phoney and false speculated superwealth corporations where in reality thousands of companys worldwide absolutely dwarfs apples wealth,like I said it time and time again there is no future in facism,by definition media fake news,lies more lies that information now has become readily available to trillions of human beings which in the future will tear of the masks of all these overhyped cia bots along with their corporate queers!

    going in hype is the cowards way of dealing in economies usa along with apple will go down as part of the worse failures in the history of mankind,blame it on wars,lies and deciet as if god blessed any nation whom genocided on the innocents,get real,there was no real moon landing,infact proof is in nowadays whom makes hypersonic techonolgy are the world leaders to te tune of countless of trillions whom interm more and more each and everyday will prosper humanity in whole without the bullsht nor genocide by the worse offenders linked to skulls n bones united,
    make no mistake leave it to the real men to deal trades no future in queers + facism!

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