Don’t buy the MacBook Air!


We can’t stop talking about the “butterfly keyboard” on the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. It may not be problematic for all the MacBook users out there but many face horrible issues with it. So for years now people have been asking when will Apple fix the issue once and for all?

2018 MacBook Air

The answer now seems to be that Apple will do it very soon. The company is expected to hold its usual October “Special Event” to unveil a bunch of Macs and iPads. This year will be subtle for the iPad as most of the iPads are upto date and they suffer from no major issues. It’s the MacBooks that have plenty of issues.

The MacBook Air for $1099 and for people belonging to the education industry or students can get the MacBook Air for $999. However, the big question looming over many people’s heads is whether they should the MacBook Air or wait for the supposedly new MacBook Air with a better keyboard.

Keyboard, keyboard, keyboard!!!

It’s very likely that Apple will release a 16 inch MacBook Pro at the October event. However, if the reports are to be trusted, there will also be a new MacBook Air. We strongly believe that Apple will also update the MacBook Air with a new scissor mechanism keyboard. The reason being that the company updated the MacBook Air earlier this year with an updated display and reduced price. However, the company could have also packed newer, faster, beefier processors but it did not and we think that the company saving it for a bigger release at the October event. 

By reducing the price and offering a better display, Apple helped push the sales by a small percentage. The company knows that its keyboards are bad and we expect that to change after the October event. We strongly recommend to hold on to your money for the new MacBook Air.

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