Apple and EdFarm have partnered up to provide the Dougherty County School System with iPads and MacBook Airs to encourage app development and coding.

Dougherty County School System

All DCSS staff, teachers and students will be able to harness Apple’s instructional support, services and products with the initiative, which will enhance and expand its educational technology system. Elementary and middle school students will be given a Logitech Crayon and an iPad while high school students will receive a MacBook Air. The DCSS says this will give them ‘equal access to studies at home, in the classroom and on the go’.

Other than the hardware the students can learn app development and coding via DoCo Codes in a collaboration between Apple, Ed Farm and DCSS. Those interested will be taught within the Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code curricula.

DCSS says that they hope the programs and tools will assist with the creation of ‘leading-edge software and apps’ within the region.


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