Dr. Mario iOS game shutting down

‘Dr. Mario World’ game on iOS is officially shutting down, as announced by Nintendo. In-app purchases are already gone, and the game will have been removed in November this year.

Dr. Mario World is a Tetris-style game that features the titular Nintendo character in a doctor’s uniform. The objective of the game is to destroy different-colored viruses using medicine capsules with the same color. Match 3 of the same color and it will disappear from the screen.

Dr. Mario iOS Game

The game first debuted on the NES and became popular among puzzle enthusiasts. In a statement, Nintendo mentioned that they would like to thank everyone who has played it, but unfortunately the game service will end November 1 this year. Starting July 28 in-game diamonds can no longer be bought.

Player history will be preserved in Dr. Mario World Memories, a page that will go live when the game officially ends. Users can choose to view their history there or delete their save data on the iOS app.