Nintendo has a date on when its iOS game, Dragalia Lost, will be shut down.

Dragalia Lost

Video game company Nintendo recently posted that its mobile game, Dragalia Lost, will be discontinued on November 30 this year. After the day has passed, those trying to log in will receive an end-of-service notification saying that the game is unplayable.

The action RPG has been on the App Store and online for four years. Nintendo notes that its in-game currency, diamantium, will no longer be available to buy on August 30 at 3pm. Upgrade packs and essentials, which require the said currency will be removed starting October 31 at 3pm. Users can continue playing the game until the service is closed permanently.

Dragalia Lost isn’t the first and only game to be discontinued. Dr. Mario World was shut down, while a partnership with Niantic resulted in Pikmin Bloom, an augmented reality game that’s similar to Pokemon Go.


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