Square Enix’s block-building game on iOS gets a limited-time price drop.

Dragon Quest Builders

‘Dragon Quest Builders’, a Minecraft-esque game drops from its regular price of $29.99 to just $21.99 for a limited time, giving those who are interested a chance to get the title on the cheap.

The game is similar to Minecraft in that it has crafting and survival aspects, but the setting is within the Dragon Quest universe. Square Enix, the game developers of ‘Dragon Quest Builders’ call it a ‘block building RPG’, with a mix of blocky and modern graphics that’s reminiscent of past Dragon Quest games.

‘Dragon Quest Builders’ recently launched on the App Store and can be downloaded for iPad or iPhone. The game has four DLCs in total which cost more, and you’ll need at least an iPhone 8 and iOS 13 in order to play. There’s no specific end date for the price drop but it’s currently happening now and will last for a couple of weeks.


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