The dream iPhone Apple should make

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones out in the market. However, sometimes the iPhone could seem a bit “restricted” with its limited set of options. Don’t get me wrong: by not making many devices, Apple has been able to stick to improving the quality of its iPhones and steadily work towards maintaining it.

Nonetheless, the desire for a “no-compromise” just cannot die. If we could ask the Apple team to design an iPhone, what would it look like and how would it function? Well, to be honest, the design of the iPhone is very perfect. Apple is known for its “industrial design” and the iPhone 11 Pro is worthy of the title with its “polished” body.

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#1 USB-C

The dream iPhone Apple should make

While the industry has moved on to using USB-C on all phones, Apple is still stuck to using its own proprietary Lightning port-connector. Apple’s own Mac laptops and the iPad Pro use USB-C; its high time that Apple moved onto using USB-C on its phones as well.

Having USB-C on all electronic devices, will reduce the number of cables needed and charging will generally be an easier task. If Apple is indeed planning on using USB-C with its next iPhone, we would like to see the company support extreme levels of fast charging with upto 50W on the iPhone Pro models.

#2 Waterproofing

The dream iPhone Apple should make

While the new iPhones are water-resistant, they are just not good at handling water when it comes to heavy rain or the pool. We would love to see Apple release a completely waterproof phone which does not get affected by any amount of water. It could maybe do so by reducing the number of buttons on the phone and rely on the software for most of the tasks. Who uses the lock button anymore; there’s FaceID.

Please Apple, listen to some our very few suggestions.

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