Dress up your iPhone 12 with a new silicone MagSafe case, now $7 off


Take advantage of your iPhone 12’s magnetic wireless charging with an official MagSafe silicone case. Today, it’s down to just $41.99 from its original price of $49 on Amazon.

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

The amazing number of colors to choose from is easily the silicone cases’ biggest strength. You can pick from quirky colors such as Pink Citrus, Kumquat or Pistachio, or traditional standbys such as Black, Deep Navy and White, among others.

Silicone is naturally exquisite to the touch and protects your precious smartphone from drops and scratches. Inside is a soft microfiber lining that allows for a snug fit. Cut-outs for the rear camera and charging port lets you use the case without needing to take it off.

Wireless charging becomes so much easier with MagSafe technology. You can just put your iPhone 12 on top and the coils will pick up the energy transmission. At $7 off, it’s the perfect companion for your iPhone 12. Get it today!


Samantha Wiley

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