A driver’s iPhone in New Zealand contacted emergency services after crashing into a tree while drunk.

Drunk Driver

A 46-year-old New Zealand native drove his car to a tree on Wednesday, prompting his iPhone 14 to call emergency dispatch. He then spoke to the dispatcher and told them ‘not to worry about it’. However, the dispatcher noticed that the caller sounded intoxicated and sent a patrol to the location.

The police arrived and tried a sobriety test, to which the driver became unruly and refused to cooperate. He was then apprehended and led to a police station.

Crash Detection is a new feature in the iPhone 14 lineup as well as the Apple Watch Ultra, 2nd-generation SE, and Series 8. Using algorithms and sensors, the device detects if there has been a severe car accident. The owner is given ten seconds to respond before the device automatically calls emergency services in their respective regions.


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