East Japan Railway creates AirPods capturing contraption

East Japan Railway has created a custom device that deals with wireless earbuds that are dropped in the tracks.

AirPods and similar audio accessories are unsurpassed when it comes to wireless convenience, but then they tend to fall in unreachable places, such as railway tracks.

In New York, people have tried everything from magnets to duct tape. In Japan however, a railway company has created a custom ‘retriever’ for AirPods and wireless earbuds in partnership with Panasonic.

The device is similar to a vacuum cleaner that can pick up earphones that lie on the gravel tracks. Early testing has proved to be a success, with the contraption being able to retrieve items faster than a grabber tool.

Aside from putting the contraption in circulation Japan railway companies also advise commuters to be mindful of their earphones when exiting or entering trains. A video accompaniment shows how the earbuds could fit without being dislodged by accident.

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