ECG App Given Credit For Saving UK Apple Watch User

Within just a week from launch, the ECG app on the Apple Watch has already saved the life of a UK resident.

Phil Harrison, Apple Watch Series 4 user experienced heart palpitations as he was preparing for a marathon. The UK native then thought to use the ECG function to see what was happening. When the results showed the atrial fibrillation notice, Phil sought medical attention that led to crucial open heart surgery.


Phil attributed the ECG feature in the Apple Watch Series 4 as the one that saved his life. The app led to the treatment and the decision to discontinue his training for the Brighton Marathon.

Apple’s health initiative with the wearable has come to fruition with the heart rate monitoring and ECG reading functionality. Initially and during its launch, the ECG feature was limited to those who were living in the U.S. Apple continued working to expand the functionality to more countries, which included the UK.