Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat Gains a Huge $53 Discount

If you value savings, then now is the time to get a smart thermostat for your home. the Ecobee Smart Thermostat with HomeKit is down to just $195.95 from its original price of $250 on Amazon.

Turning your home thermostat into a smart device unlocks a whole lot of new features and functions. Ecobee’s smart thermostat has Alexa and Siri for voice control, and you can pause the cooling or heating when a window or door is open if you have an Ecobee SmartSensor. Furthermore, you can now make fine adjustments using just your voice or your smartphone.

Ecobee’s Smart Thermostat

With a smart thermostat you can save up to 26 percent in energy costs every year. More than that, you can get an amazing $53 discount when you snap up the deal today. With Ecobee’s smart product, you can get the best and most comfortable temperature for you or your family in the exact optimal temperature. Get it today!