Editorial ‘Today’ stories in App Store now available to view on desktops

Apple has updated its Preview page on the App Store to allow viewers to read the full story from inside a web browser. Now, the same experience as with other devices is unlocked, and users can view the app list, paragraphs, and images as if they were inside an App Store.

All elements of the in-app experience are translated to the web version, including screenshots, app lists and a section with actual text from the articles. Before, web previews only had links that you could click, which will then transport you to the App Store in your iPhone or iPad.

It seems like Apple is now paying attention to its web offerings this year. Aside from the easy-to-remember URLs podcasts.apple.com, books.apple.com and apps.apple.com, the Cupertino-based company has also updated its Podcast web experience, adding the ability to listen to episodes via a built-in Podcasts web player.

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