Educational Robot Kit MeeBot 2.0 Makes Its Way to Apple Stores


The MeeBot 2.0, an educational robotics kit is now being offered as an exclusive product in Apple Stores. Children can assemble their own robot and make it dance or move by means of programmable code.

Educational Robot Kit MeeBot 2.0 Makes Its Way to Apple Stores

The block-based kit is mainly controlled with the free JIMU app that teaches kids how to build their own robot using step by step instructions and illustrations in 3D. Once assembled, the Blocky coding system within the app shows how they could control MeeBot 2.0, i.e., make it dance or complete a task, among others.

MeeBot 2.0 is 30 percent bigger than its predecessor and has new features, including a color sensor and programmable LED eyes. It also has a new gear system and motion servo motors that give children a glimpse on how motion and engineering movement works.

The MeeBot 2.0 is available to buy at select US and Canadian Apple Stores for $129.99.

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