EFF sides with Apple and against Facebook in Anti-tracking initiatives

The EFF, or Electronic Frontier Foundation has recently declared Facebook’s campaign against Apple’s anti-tracking initiatives ‘laughable’.

Apple has launched several initiatives to limit ad tracking across its ecosystem, something that Facebook objected against. The EFF sided with Apple and published an article on how Facebook’s campaign to stop the privacy changes from happening was a smokescreen to distract people from its ‘poor anticompetitive behavior and privacy issues’.


The AppTrackingTransparency feature is set to roll out on the iPadOS and iOS 14 and enables users to choose which 3rd party trackers are allowed to function. This gives the device owners greater control and knowledge and protects them from abuse.

The EFF has declared that the anti-tracking features are a step in the right direction and can reduce developer abuse by giving people control over their personal data. The group says Facebook may be against it as users could learn more about what the company does behind the scenes.