If you’re prone to working long or playing long hours in front of your MacBook then a laptop riser is a good investment. Today, you can get the Nulaxy Laptop Stand for MacBook at just $18.69, down $5.30 from its original price of $24 on Amazon.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

It’s functional and stylish to boot. The all-aluminum build pairs up nicely with any MacBook and makes it look like a natural extension. Also, there’s the innate characteristic of the laptop stand to make the screen ergonomic, which means less strain on the eyes, neck and back.

The laptop stand from Nulaxy boasts heat dissipation technology for maximum airflow and ventilation. Rubber pads and the metal material naturally absorb heat and dissipate it into the air.

The MacBook laptop stand can be disassembled and brought along to the office or anywhere you want. It’s also easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free.

Get yourself a sturdy and well-designed laptop stand and enjoy a 22 percent discount when you buy the Nulaxy Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Mount today!


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