Eligible Apple Card users get 3% daily cash on botched iPhone 13 purchases

Apple Card users who weren’t able to get an iPhone 13 on launch day due to technical issues have received emails saying that they could get the 3% daily cash for their smartphone purchase.

iPhone 13 buyers who had trouble and took different purchase routes were notified that they will be getting the 3 percent cashback on the card platform. Currently, the credits are being applied to the Wallet app in a rolling fashion.

The email thanks customers for pre-ordering the iPhone 13 and using other payment methods. Furthermore, it mentioned how buyers tried to buy the device via Apple Card and it didn’t work. As an apology, the email states that they will be credited for the Daily Cash in the initial iPhone 13 purchase, which will show up on the Wallet app ‘Balance Adjustment’ section and their October statement.

For other questions, the email recommends contacting an Apple Card Specialist for assistance.

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