Elizabeth Warren wants to break Apple’s App Store and its apps


The senior United States senator Elizabeth Warren wants to break big tech companies. She says, companies like Amazon and Google which provide a platform for other shouldn’t sell/promote their own things. However, soon after she clarified that by “big companies”, she has the Cupertino based company Apple in mind as well.

Elizabeth Warren wants to break Apple

When asked about how Warren would like to break Apple, she mentioned that, the company runs the App Store which is a platform for developers to sell/share their work while also publishing Apple’s own work. Elizabeth says that, Apple has a huge advantage in this case as it has all the statistical data on the other apps i.e how many users are buying, the price, etc and it gives Apple an upperhand to play in the apps arena.


Apple runs the App Store

To solve the problem, Warren said that, Apple will have to choose between running the App Store or publishing their own apps on the platform, in accordance with her proposal to break big companies. To follow up on that, she was asked as to how Apple would keep the iPhone secure if the App Store is not run by Apple. She replied by saying that, if Apple does want to run the App Store then, it will have to stop publishing its own apps.

“It’s got to be one or the other”, Warren said. “Either they run the platform or they play in the store. They don’t get to do both at the same time.” With the 2020 presidential elections approaching, Warren’s proposal of regulating the tech companies has been one of the valorous.


Apple makes more than $25 billion a year

Apple makes more than $25 billion a year from its hardware and services business. It also runs it own App Store on iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones and iPads (also iPod Touchs). Warren says, that fact alone gives Apple a competitive advantage over its competitors.

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