Emergency vehicle road alerts arrive on Apple Maps


Apple Maps is now updated with notifications from construction zones and emergency responders.

Apple Maps

Apple’s navigation app has recently added Safety Cloud by HAAS Alert, a digital platform used by professional personnel. This means users can get real-time alerts from other drivers, as well as road hazard warnings from emergency vehicles, towing professionals and first responders whenever they approach any of the reported vehicles or incident sites.

HAAS Alert is utilized by 1,000-plus road workers, towing operators, roadside assistance companies and public safety agencies. Although the company has its own alert service, it’s mainly issued on emergency vehicles from various brands and integrated in work zone equipment, traffic management platforms, telematics systems and aftermarket emergency vehicles.

The Safety Cloud service has sent more than a billion alerts since it launched in 2017. HAAS Alert senior VP of connected vehicles Jeremy Aguinek says that the addition makes iPhone drivers safer and more aware of roadway conditions.

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