Ken Pillonel, the engineer who changed an iPhone to have a USB-C port has done the same to an AirPods Case.


In October 2021, Pillonel revealed how he replaced his iPhone’s port with a USB-C connector and sold it for $86K. It seems that the engineer is not yet done- Pillonel uploaded a YouTube video detailing a teaser about the ‘World’s first USB-C AirPods’.

The 41-second video starts with a description, ‘don’t you find it annoying that you have to carry multiple chargers every day?’ then proceeds to show how he changed the Lighting port to have a USB-C one. In the video, the same USB-C charger to charge a MacBook was used to charge an iPhone, then an AirPods charging case.

Pillonel promises an in-depth video to show specific steps to make the USB-C port another time. It’s also not yet specified whether he will sell his USB-C AirPods charging case or not.


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